best moving companies london

Best Moving Companies London

Our Premium Packages Make Us One of the Best Moving Companies in London

When looking for packers and movers in London, you only need to do a quick search online to find hundreds of options. Which one is best? Well, that depends on several factors from customer reviews, to price points, and what your individual needs are. As a company with 5* reviews and decades of experience, how else do we stand out from the crowd? Our premium packages of course!

General Services

Just like many other moving companies, we offer moving services. You can hire us to arrive with a van at your home, and we can move your belongings to your next destination. We also offer customers the chance to hire just the van so you can do everything yourself safely.

best moving companies london

Premium Packages 

Unlike some companies, we also have premium packages. Our premium packages make moving houses easy and stress-free. But what packages do we offer, and what do they include?

Dismantling – We know how difficult it can be to take apart furniture especially when it comes to larger pieces such as beds and wardrobes. But our team can do that for you because we can come and dismantle your items. This is a safe and easy way for you to move house, and we are happy to help.

Reassembling – You don’t need to worry about putting the furniture back up in your new home either because we can also reassemble furniture. This ensures that you remain injury and stress-free. Both the dismantling and resembling also take away the problem of large furniture pieces getting stuck in doorways and on the stairs. 

Packing and materials – Moving house often cause unnecessary stress because of unorganized packing and lack of packing materials. We also cater to that. Our team can pack your boxes, and we can provide the correct materials too! Our packaging usually includes different size boxes, tape, and wrapping for glass and other fragile items. We also use furniture covers so everything is wrapped and packed to protect your belongings as much as possible. 

Prices reflect rooms – Our packages are priced for each house and it depends on the number of bedrooms. This means that pricing is fair and smaller jobs pay smaller amounts. Everything is included in the price. You can see what is included in packages from one-bedroom houses to 5+.

Using our Premium Packages

Hiring us is easy. Choose which premium package you would like based on how many bedrooms you have, and just fill in your information. You can also book a survey with us by video or in-person and we can assess the size of your move, and what you will need. If you have any questions about our services, then you can contact us at any time. We are here to help you with packing and moving every step of the way. 

At The Nations Movers, we are professional and polite packers that care about your goods and your moving experience. This is what makes us one of the best moving companies in London. If you are planning a house move then check out our services, prices, and customer testimonials. You won’t be disappointed. 



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