House Moving Tips: Things To Do While Moving House

Our Team of house removals service experts have put together advice that we feel will help those who are moving home. We have included special Packers and Movers Tips & Tricks that will make your move process easy as pie. Take a read on our tips to move your house and implement it when you move, it makes your life so much easier when you are organised.


It is very important to do this step before you do anything else while planning your house removals as it means you wont have items that you don't need when moving. This will save you space and will be cost efficient Maybe donate to charity or sell or even give away to family & friends

pack & create a checklist

Start your packing as early as possible when you are moving to new house. This gives you an exact idea of what you will be taking and what you are giving away. Creating a checklist is so important we cant stress enough, it will make sure you don't miss any items and the booking process will be much easier


When packing its important to make sure that the boxes are not over the recommended weight which is 20kg. This ensures that no one gets injured when lifting. The boxes shouldn't be left empty on top, try to fill them so that the items inside do not move around and break


While house removals make sure you label each box and assign them to each room so you know which box goes where. Colour coordinating is a good idea or any sort of system that you prefer. This will make the process of unpacking easier. This will help your removal team place the correct boxes in the correct room

Kitchen & Appliances

Pack your plates/mugs/cups with light items such as trays and small cooking pots and in between try to use kitchen towels or bubble wrap or anything that is cushion like to protect your cutlery. Labelling these boxes as fragile will indicate to the movers to be extra careful when moving


Make sure your bedside tables, chest of drawers etc are empty as this will make them lighter and easier to move around. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself lifting loads that are too heavy or having the drawers fall out. It best to have large items such as beds and wardrobes dismantled while you are moving to new home

Living Room

In order for your move to go swiftly we recommend you disconnect your TV and such items so there aren't wires all over the place that need sorting. The legs of large sofas should be removed to prevent your walls from getting damaged when moving. Your floor rugs should be rolled up and tied so they can be moved easily and any display cabinets should be emptied

Clothes , Make up & Toiletries

If you need wardrobe boxes please ask your removals company and they will provide them to you, these boxes allow you to take your clothes as they are in the hangers. DO NOT mix makeup and toiletries with clothing as this may cause spillages. It's best to pack them separately

Electric Appliances

Make sure all your appliances are disconnected such as tumble dryers, washing machines, dishwasher and your fridge freezer, this needs to be emptied so its easier to carry. Once you reach your new home the fridge freezer should not be turned on for 4 - 6 hours. Try to make sure their is no water in the washing machine to avoid spillage

Cost Reduction Tips

To save money when moving it's a good idea to use your own used boxes and bin bags when packing. This will save you from having to pay for boxes when you make use of whats available


You can call this a survival kit if you prefer, it would basically be your daily use items such as toothpaste, soap, moisturiser, toothbrush, pyjamas etc. Its a good idea to pack these separately during your move to new house so you have them on hand whenever you need them

Mirrors & Frames

Its best to remove your mirrors and frames before your move date and wrap them in bubble wrap or blankets to prevent them from shattering. These items are delicate so make sure they are packed carefully