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Where to start packing to move house

If a house move is in the planning, then you may be looking around your home wondering where to start with packing and how on earth are you going to stay organized? Well, The Nations Movers are here to help. We are packers and movers in London who know how to move house efficiently. So, instead of allowing packing to become overwhelming, read this guide on where to start. Once you start packing, the rest will flow, and it won’t be as stressful as you thought.

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  1. Start as early as you can – You should start packing around two months before the move if you can. This way you can avoid rushing, forgetting things, and all belongings can be packed carefully. 
  2. Gather packing supplies – When packing you need the right tools for the job. Generally, you will need sturdy boxes in different sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspaper, furniture wrap, plastic bags, and labels. Depending on your items you may need wardrobe boxes or telescopic boxes for fragile items such as mirrors. If you don’t want to pack yourself then you can hire a packing service for moving house in the UK. This is something that we offer. 
  3. Pack by room – It is much easier to pack per room. Start with a room you don’t use very often to ease you in. Maybe start in higher rooms such as the loft if you have one because you don’t use the stuff in there every day. As you progress to rooms you use often start with items you don’t use regularly. Think ornaments, rugs, etc. Then you can gradually pack until you have the essentials left. 
  4. Declutter – While you’re packing you can separate your boxes into what you are taking and what is for selling or donation. For example, if you start in the loft, you may have Christmas decorations. Pack in one box what you want to keep and pack the things you don’t want into sell or donate boxes. This keeps everything organized, and decluttering is made easy.
  5. Create an inventory – It is essential that you label boxes so you could label each box by room. To stay even more organized, you should keep an inventory on a separate piece of paper. Use the box name as a tile and write everything in each box underneath the title. This makes sure that nothing is left behind, and you know if anything has gone missing during transit.
  6. Don’t over-pack your boxes – It is easy to try to put everything in a box but keep in mind that these boxes need lifting and transporting. You want to avoid injury so make sure your boxes are liftable without too much strain.

Those are our top tips on how to start packing. You can check out our other blog posts for more ways to make packing and moving easy. At, The Nations Movers, we can assist you with a house move in London so, make sure you take a look at our services. 


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