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5 Tips That Will Make Your House Move More Efficient

When moving house, you want to speed the process up as much as possible. After you have found a new home that you love, the last thing you want is to be dragged down by a long removal process. That is why we have five tips that will keep your move efficient and organised. 

house move in london

  1. Get rid of furniture you don’t want – When thinking about what furniture to bring to your new home you should begin by measuring the rooms in the new house. You need to make sure that your existing furniture fits and if it doesn’t then you need to get rid. Also, make sure to measure the front door because some furniture may not even get into the new house at all. You can donate your furniture to charity or sell it to make a bit of extra cash.
  2. Make sure you label everything – Labelling is essential in a full house move. It allows packing to stay efficient and you can make sure that nothing is missing or lost when in transit. Each room should be packed into boxes and each box should be labelled with the room name. You can write an inventory of what items are in each box and how many boxes for each room you have. Also, have a box labelled essentials with all the bits you will need straight away such as food, toiletries, etc. Try to start packing at least a month in advance and start with things you don’t use and finally any essentials can be packed last.
  3. Make a list – Don’t let moving to be more stressful than it has to be. Make a list so you can make sure that everything is booked, packed and that nothing is missed or left behind. Think about adding things to your list such as mail redirection, turning off the broadband, etc.
  4. Pick a moving day carefully – Don’t start looking for removals at the last minute. You should look when you start packing which should be a least a month before you move. This way you can choose which company you want on a day and time that suits you rather than having to make do.  As you can get a cheaper price than on weekends and your slot can be longer too so you are not rushed. You should also consider the price differences if the house move-in Londonis hourly.
  5. Consider using self-storage – When moving you could find yourself in a situation where you need to rent a home after you have sold yours before you can move into the new one. If this happens you can use self-storage for your furniture. Maybe there is a lot of work to be done in the new house so you need somewhere to store your stuff in the meantime. Whatever the situation self-storage can be a lifesaver. Most self-storage facilities offer access 24/7 and they are clean and safe. 

The Nations Movers can assist with a house move in London. So, get in touch, see what services we offer, and make moving hassle-free. 


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