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Create a moving checklist to keep you on track during the moving process

Keep Your House Move Organised by Creating a List

If you want to avoid unnecessary stress when moving house, planning is essential. At The Nations Movers we have offered moving and packing services for years and we have discovered that the best way to stay organized is to create a checklist. 

moving and packing services

moving and packing services checklist will help to declutter your mind as everything is written down and you are not trying to remember it all. You can also have a clear list of things to do so you can start getting rid of tasks easily. Below we have listed all the tasks that should be on every mover’s checklist.

4 weeks before the move:

  • Purchase your packing supplies. Generally, you will need boxes, bubble wrap, and a furniture dolly. 
  • Start cleaning – Once you start packing you can start cleaning too. Just clean rooms, furniture, and belongings as you go along. 
  • Look at removals – You should look at movers at least a month before you move. This ensures that you get the company, services, price, and moving day that suits you. 
  • Start changing your address – Ideally, you should start letting people know at this point that you’re moving. Think about mail, schools, etc. 

14 –7 days before the move:

  • Pack room by room – You should start packing each room. By using the rooms, you won’t get overwhelmed and boxes can be easily labeled.
  • Cancel services – Now would be the time to start canceling things such as the internet or any services you have at your old house. You should also call your utility companies so they won’t charge you when you are not even at the house anymore. 

7 days before the move:

  • Change of address forms – Any change of address forms should be completed and handed in.
  • Continue packing – You will still be packing at this point and now you may also have items you won’t be taking with you.  Now is the time to sell or donate anything that you don’t want. 
  • Make plans for pets and children – You need to plan where the kids and pets will be on moving day. It can be unsafe for them with all the heavy-lifting so consider asking family or friends to take care of them on moving day.

 Last day before the move:

  • Last-minute clean – Clean any last-minute areas or furniture that has been forgotten.
  • Double-check – The day before you should call the moving company and double-check that your plans are still going ahead.  Make sure the moving dates and times are correct. 

Finally, the day of the move: 

  • Pack essentials – Essentials such as toothbrushes should be kept in a bag so you can easily access them once you arrive in your new home. 
  • Make sure you are there when the movers arrive – This way you can oversee everything and be available if any questions arise. 
  • One last check – Once everything is in the moving van you should go around the house and check for anything left behind.

This list will keep you feeling organized and in control. If you need packers and movers in Guildford, check out our website. We have years of experience and we offer different services. 



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