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What should be the moving house checklist

When you look online for tips about moving house then you will come across checklists. A moving house checklist is recommended because you will have one place to write down jobs that need doing and you can cross them off when complete. It means that nothing is forgotten and that you won’t be overwhelmed by tasks. But what should be on your checklist? 

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At The Nations Movers, we have been helping people move to their dream home for decades, and we know how to stay organized so here are some of the top things that you should include on your moving house checklist. 

  1. Inform your landlord about the move – If you are renting, then you need to let them know. There is a period of notice that needs to be given, usually a month or two so make sure you let them know as soon as you can. 
  2. Ensure everyone knows about the change of address – If you are moving to a new area or just a new address down the road then you should let services and authorities know. Inform your doctor, dentist, employer, local council, the bank, all the important people who need to know your address.
  3. Call around removals – You need to book a removal service in advance. If you leave it too late then you may not have a choice of the packers and movers that you want to use. You need to either show them around your property or create a list of all the rooms and give them a good idea of the number of items that need moving. 
  4. Start packing each room and label each box – Don’t leave packing until the week before. Start well in advance. Go by each room and pack away things you don’t need. Label each box and take an inventory. Leave essentials until last.
  5. Keep documents in one safe box – Put all of your very important documents, passports, etc., in one safe box. Don’t lose them.
  6. Confirm with everyone the day before – Make sure you contact everyone involved to make sure the removals are coming and that the house is ready to be moved into. 
  7. Pack essentials – You should pack essentials for the first day and night in your new home. Make sure cups, cutlery, a change of clothes, pyjamas, bedding, toiletries, phone chargers, etc. are easy to find. Also, if you have pets don’t forget those, and keep beds, food, and toys easily accessible. 
  8. Check routes – A week or so before you leave check the route from the old house to the new one. Make sure your cars are working and that you have plans for children and pets.
  9. Check any meters you have – You should record the date of your move and take a photo of any meters you have for gas, water, and electricity. You can tell your providers you have moved, and you have proof. 
  10. Make sure everything is packed and say goodbye to neighbors – Do one last check around your home in case you have forgotten something. 

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