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Moving and Packing Tips for Your Smoothest Move

Moving and Packing Tips That Will Make Your Move Hassle-Free

Packing up and moving house may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be with good planning. At The Nations Movers we are professional packers and movers in London and to make moving more exciting than then stress-inducing we have some tips that will make your move smooth sailing.

packers and movers London

  1. Create a list – Before you begin try to write a list of all the jobs that need to be done during the run-up of the move. This way nothing will be forgotten, you won’t have to remember everything and you can tick tasks off as being complete. You can check out our blog on creating a checklist to see what to include.
  2. Decide what furniture you are bringing – The last thing you want is to bring furniture that doesn’t fit or that you do not want. So, declutter and sell or donate any belongings you don’t want to bring.
  3. Organize your boxes – Boxes are the best for moving. You can buy boxes for moving in different sizes and they have separate boxes for glasses etc. Free boxes can be collected from supermarkets too. Make sure each box is labeled with the room name and create an inventory for how many boxes you have for each room. 
  4. Pack separate essentials – You should have a bag prepared on moving day with all the essentials inside. Think about things you will need straight away where you don’t want to have to search through boxes to find. Toothbrushes, a change of clothes, anything you need.
  5. Take photos – If you have to take apart furniture, it is a good idea to take a photo of what it looked like before you took it down. Take photos of the back of appliances too so you know where wires go. Keep all removed parts in a bag and taped to the piece of furniture they are for. 
  6. Don’t leave packing until the last minute – Make sure you start packing at least a month in advance. Leaving it until the last minute will cause lots of unnecessary stress and you risk leaving things behind. 
  7. Organize clothes – Clothing is probably not high on your list as you have big pieces of furniture to think about. But clothes can take up a lot of space when moving. You can leave them in the wardrobe or dresser if it is not too heavy. You can also roll up clothes instead of folding them and you can cover any formal clothing with bin bags while leaving them on the hanger. 
  8. Consider bringing in the professionals – Moving and packing are difficult but there are a few ways to do it. You can bring in family and friends to help with packing and move everything yourself or you can hire movers and packers. At The Nations Movers, we are packers and movers in London. We offer services where we can just move your stuff, pack and move your belongings or you can just hire a van from us. Hiring a professional team can be more efficient and the reduction of stress can be worth the extra cost. 


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