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Best Residential & Commercial Removals in Essex

Best Residential & Commercial Removals in Essex 

Moving house or moving your office or any other business? If so, you need to know about the team at The Nations Movers. We offer residential and commercial removal services in Essex and other parts of the Midlands and South of England. With over five years of experience, we know that no move is the same, so that is why we offer different packages and services. Each removal is tailored to each client. But what makes us the best? 

We cater to everyone 

No move is too big or too small. We can assist with house moves, office moves, or we can help with other commercial relocations too. Every move is unique and that is why our packages cater to that. We offer packing and moving, transportation of possessions only, or if you have a strong team of your own to use, you can hire one of our vans. We even offer different vans to choose from. For a house move in Essex, you can simply select how many rooms you have, and we will take care of the rest. 

We can move your possessions to and from storage 

Not every house move runs as perfectly as people would like. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise, and you may not be able to move into your new home straight away. Or maybe your new office or commercial premises is not ready for you after all. Don’t worry if that is the case, you can arrange to have your items put into storage and we will deliver all of them to the storage unit. This is also a helpful service for those who have sold their house and need to move but don’t have the keys to the new place yet.  

Transparent on price 

We pride ourselves on being transparent on price. With The Nations Movers, you will not get caught out with unexpected prices. We have a price list for our van hire, and a quote will be given to you if you require packing and moving services. You can book a survey in person where a member of our team will visit your home, or you can use the video option where you can send us a video of your rooms and furniture. Then you will get a quote. 

We can help with disassembly 

A lot of the stress when moving comes from worrying about the disassembly and reassembly of furniture. This is especially the case for those who struggle with large pieces of heavy furniture. Well, you don’t need to worry about this because we will take care of that for you as part of our premium package.  

If you want the best packing and moving services in Essex, The Nations Movers should be your first choice. We can ensure that your move is smooth and that everything from your priceless house ornaments to your expensive office equipment will be transported safely and securely. If you would like to read more about our services, chat with our team, or book a move then visit the website today. At The Nations Movers, we are always happy to help.  


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