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How to Pack for a Move A Complete Checklist

A Complete Guide on Packing for a Move

Packing is what stresses people out the most when moving. At the Nations Movers, we are professional packers and movers in London. So, we know how to pack efficiently and we have created a list of everything you need to know while packing for a move. 

Packing and moving tips

Pad out the boxes – Each box should have padding at the bottom and you can use bubble wrap, newspaper or you can even use towels. Also, don’t fill up the boxes too much. 

Keep essentials handy – Keep an essentials box so things you need straight away such as toothbrushes and cups are easy to find. 

professional packers and movers in London

What moving supplies do you need?

Most moves need the following items: boxes, padding like bubble wrap, and a furniture dolly. If the house move is in London, we can provide these. 

Packing every room

Before things go into boxes it is a good idea to keep an inventory. That way you can easily check if anything is missing. Have kitchen boxes, bedroom boxes, etc. Make sure you label each box. Here are some tips for each room.  

Kitchen – Defrost your fridge at least 2 days before moving. Make sure all breakables such as plates are protected by towels or bubble wrap. You should also wrap any jars of food and seasoning. Try to have a box with sections for glasses. To keep appliances neat, you can tape the wire to the actual appliance. If you have a dining table then wrap the table in a blanket or towel to protect it.

Laundry appliances – Just protect your appliances and make sure all attachments are removed. Don’t bring detergents because they can easily spill during transportation. If appliances are too heavy you can hire professional packers and movers in London like us. 

Living room – Start by packing decorative items and wrap them in towels, newspaper, or bubble wrap. Roll up any rugs and secure them. Any tables should be protected and the bottoms of the legs should be covered so the floors don’t get scratched. Protect your tv screen with a blanket and remove the stand if it has one. You can also tape the wires to the back and keep track of the remote. Take out any bulbs from lamps.

Bedroom – Organise clothing and jewelry and place them in boxes. Pillows, duvets, mattresses, and bedding should be covered to protect them from dust, dirt, and the weather. Keep any important documents in a lockbox. 

Bathroom – Make sure all your toiletries are together and easy to find. 

Shed – Get rid of any chemical products in the garden. Make sure sharp tools are covered in something protective. Put any garden furniture in bags or boxes. If you have items with fuel such as a lawnmower, make sure that they are empty. Try to use a bike rack on your car for bikes. 

Packing the moving truck

Put heavy and large furniture and appliances in first. They should be secured and then add the next largest items and carry on until your smaller appliances and boxes are on the top. At the Nations Movers, we are movers and packers in London and we can help with the whole process. 

professional packers and movers in London


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